Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lasagna and permits oh my

I had today off work so I decided to finally take Nick to get his permit. He could have gotten his license if I had been more comfortable with his driving ability but since he never really got a chance to drive before I wanted him to get his permit again for a while. And now I am slightly irritated that it was so easy to obtain because that is part of the reason we had been putting it off for so long.

We bought an electric fireplace to replace the one Barry and Kerri had given us because it was making an awful racket and we were worried about fixing it and having it catch on fire one day so we just bought a new one. And some how or another I agreed to get him the new Call of Duty: Ghosts. I am a pushover.

Nick drove us to my mama's house where we showed her how to use her new phone and saw their new camper which is absolutely awesome. I have RV envy.

A trip to the grocery store where Nick convinced me to make lasagna for supper.

I took a nap for a little while and put supper on. I think tonight will be an early night for me.

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