Saturday, November 9, 2013

quiet before the avalanche of teenagers

The thing about Pilgrimage is this: The city is overrun with children between the ages of 10 & 18 and most of them are away from home without their parents in a hotel in a different city for the FIRST TIME and so they must push their boundaries to the breaking point to see what exactly they can do and get away with before someone reprimands them. -sigh- For the most part they are an amazing group of children. As with any large gathering, though, when you put lots of children in one space it quickly gets loud and slightly chaotic.

Right now, it's eerily quiet. The parking lot looks empty so people keep stopping to ask if we have rooms and we don't but I don't think they believe me even though I really have no reason to lie about it. You would think I had a personal vendetta against all of these people the way they are acting. My suggestion: Never assume a particular city will have a hotel room waiting just for you. Make a reservation once you figure out how far you want to travel for the day.

I had a pretty good day before coming to work. I woke up this morning to find Beth is bed with me. She was snuggled up in her daddy's spot and had gone back to sleep. We slept for a while longer and then had breakfast and then she told me all about the book she is currently reading. She's participating in the middle school battle of the books this year. Nick did battle of the books in elementary school and now she's doing it in middle school and somehow that makes the circle complete.

I still haven't done much reading for this month. I have done quite a bit of writing for various things but no reading. I have an opportunity tonight to get some done because I only have 1 person left to come in for the evening.

Going to go crack open a book. Better than staring at a computer screen for much longer.

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