Saturday, November 2, 2013

Random thoughts

Today is a gorgeous day outside. It looked like it wanted to rain earlier but now the sky is blue and there are fluffy white clouds. It will be dark soon and the time changes tonight. I am not looking forward to the time change because it always throws my body clock off and it seems to take forever for me to readjust. At least it is some comfort that the extra hour/skipped hour each time the time changes happens on a Sunday and not a Monday. I don't know how I would possibly survive if Monday had an extra hour in it. Mondays are difficult enough already.

Elizabeth and Chris are hunting today. I am working. I feel like that is pretty much all I do anymore. Just a couple more days until I have two days off in a row. This coming week is going to be busy. Lots of military stuff going on and then the Methodist youth pilgrimage is this weekend. That should be lots of fun. You can decide for yourself if that was sarcasm or not. ;-) 

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