Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Too tired to think of a title

It snowed for hours last night. I got home to find the power was still out so Chris & I headed to McDonald's in Elizabethtown to get them all something to eat since the power had been out for approximately 6 hours and they had no opportunity to cook dinner. The falling snow was gorgeous. It didn't stick but it was beautiful to watch as it came down.

We returned home to the power having been restored. Duke Progress Energy & their employees get serious kudos for working through so really horrendous conditions to make the lights come back on. This outage also made us realize that we needed to buy some alternate form of heat for the house because it was really really tremendously cold after 6 hours of no power and temperatures in the mid 20-s to mid 30's.

So today we set out to do just that. First though we had to go return both of our cable boxes because they were fried. We assumed the power outage had caused it but found out they had done some sort of massive update the night before and for whatever reason, our cable boxes just wouldn't accept them. When I was on the phone with tech support, they told me to return the boxes to Lumberton so we drove there first this morning only to have that woman tell us we needed to take them to Whiteville. Add 2 plus hours for a round trip onto our already hectically packed schedule for the day. We did manage, however, to find the correct office and replace the boxes and have lunch and buy a kerosene heater from Wal-Mart and go to Stedman and purchase a queen sized bed and so in theory, the day was absolutely productive.

I also got Beth's computer shipped off to the service center in Texas and checked the mail where I had 2 packages (yay for packages!) and made a pot of chili for supper.

Overall, it was a really good day.

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