Friday, December 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes # 6

Only 5 days left until Christmas which means only 4 shopping days left until there is no place open to buy a present. Fortunately for me, I have done all of my shopping this year. All I'm waiting on is a single package that holds part of Chris's present.
Speaking of packages, I am sure the lady at my local post office hates me this year. I did a lot of shopping online and had it shipped versus actually spending an extraordinary amount of time in the crowded stores because I really dislike crowds. And shopping.
As usual, there is someone with an issue about the Christmas work schedule. And she chose to go about her complaint in a passive aggressive way. "I don't really care but...." If you didn't really care, you wouldn't be bringing it up. To make matters worse, I gave this someone the best holiday schedule you can have when you work at a company that is open 24/7/365 or 6 depending on if it's leap year or not. Not a word of graciousness, just complaints which really made me want to kick myself for being so kind to her in the first place. (For the record, my own schedule isn't even as good as the one I gave her for the holidays. I am obviously doing this wrong.)
Chris starts his vacation when he gets off work today (after working a half day and then attending his company Christmas party.) He won't have to go back to work until the 6th of January and all I can say about that is that he is one lucky man. I am going to try to take a few days off with him so we can (maybe!) have a date night and spend some time together. My own vacation isn't until the end of January and I'm already counting the days.
I really don't get the tears and feelings that people have wrapped up in the Apple holiday commercial and I'm too lazy to go find the link on youtube. It just doesn't evoke much emotion in me. The old Folger's commercials were tear jerkers every time; for me, this Apple commercial isn't.
My heart is heavy for the family of the little girl who underwent a tonsillectomy and is now brain dead from what is supposed to be a routine surgery. I know there has to be more to the story than we are hearing but it hurts my heart when I see the girl's picture on the news and her mother sobbing. I completely get why the mother wants her daughter to remain on life support and have a second outside opinion. Some people are saying she's in denial and while that may be true (I would be) I also get that she feels pressured by the hospital to remove the support and I can't wrap my mind around the statement the hospital put it. It's so cold and unfeeling to me. My wish for this family is peace and to know they are not alone.
And as a last thought for now, the weather is weird and I'm not really feeling these 80 degree days we are having right now. 3 weeks ago, it was freezing rain and I was bundled up into layers and looking at people in shorts like they were crazy and now, I'm digging in my closet for the coolest thing for some stray remnant of summer clothing. It's crazy. And... I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Year's. I am going to do my level best to enjoy the festivities and not let stress overrun the fun.
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