Friday, December 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes # 7

Christmas 2013 will probably go down as one of the worst in our memory, particularly Elizabeth, because she was raging sick all day long. Fever, sore body, headache, stuffy nose. The poor child slept most of the day but it wasn't a fitful sleep. It was more a broken sleep with lots of moaning interspersed along with tossing and turning and kicking off the covers only to get them again 5 minutes later because she was freezing. I ended up having to borrow a thermometer from Kerri because Elizabeth shattered mine taking the temperature of water she was boiling for eggs (she now knows that requires a different sort of thermometer) and I had yet to replace it. She is, blessedly, on the mend but her Christmas Day was miserable.
Fortunately for all of us, we opted to do presents Christmas Eve. She came home from hunting with her daddy and asked me if we could do presents so we said ok. Chris got her bicycle out of the shed and we checked it to see if the tires needed some air (we've been hiding that bike for 3 months) and he parked it beside the porch. He went inside and told her to go check outside and she goes out the door and it's quiet and then all of sudden, there is a shrill squeal of joy and she rushes in and practically tackles him in her glee. I would say that present was a really big hit.
I got a chance to cook enchiladas for Christmas and chicken parmigiana the day after and I am thrilled. Not only with how the food turned out but also with the fact that I felt good enough to actually do it. I also did a lot of cleaning and a lot of sleeping so I guess it all evens out.
I was going to take down my Christmas decorations yesterday but I decided to leave them up for a little while longer because they bring me happiness. I like watching the twinkling lights at night while I'm trying to make myself tired enough to go to bed after getting off work. So they will stay up for a few more days.
Speaking of Christmas (last thing I promise), Elizabeth told me I could wear my Christmas themed earrings until New Year's day. And that I can continue to wear the snowflakes until winter is over and the angels all year round. So if I'm breaking some sort of unwritten rule, I apologize and firmly place the blame all on Elizabeth. ;-)
I've decided that I'm not making New Year's resolutions. There are things I would like to do, of course, but I refuse to set myself up for failure by declaring that these things are my resolutions.
I'm at work (where I seem to be most of the time) and I just had an encounter with a couple that made me laugh and think about how that was going to Chris & me in 20 more years. I really adore people for the most part.
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