Friday, March 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes # 9

With the exception of weekly gratitude posts, I've pretty much taken an extended break from writing here (or anywhere other than my planner.) There is/was no reason that needs to be expounded on. Mostly it's part of the winter time blahs that I can't seem to shake.
I am looking forward to spring which my calendar says is a mere 13 days away. Mother Nature may not have gotten the memo though and I won't be surprised to see another snow/ice storm towards the end of March/early part of April. The weather has been extremely weird this winter and I'm more than ready to see things blooming even if it does mean I will be sneezing my fool head off.
I, somehow, managed to catch the plague like illness that made the rounds at work and in my house. For the past several days, I have felt incredibly awful and there is no such thing as me taking a break. Taking an unscheduled day off from work typically must involve a hospital stay and so I've been dragging myself in every day even though I really just want to sleep.
I thought the saying was "April showers..." Mother Nature must not have calendar lined up correctly because this March has been cold and rainy so far. Yes, I know we are just a few days into it but I don't think I've seen any sunshine yet this month. I am hoping this changes in the next few days or I may just go completely crazy.
Time changes this weekend and I am looking forward to it because on my days off there will actually be light in the evenings and perhaps I can get some outside things done as the days start to get warmer.
I seem to have a ton of plans, a lot of dreams, but not much initiative right now. I seem to be in crisis mode which, for me, means I get the basic necessities done and not much else. I hope this passes soon because I am exhausted with merely existing.
My 17th wedding anniversary is coming up and I am trying to plan something fun for us to do. We seem to have very little time together these days with work schedules and such and zero privacy anymore. I want to take a mini-trip but I don't know if I can work that out yet. Maybe Savannah for the weekend?
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