Saturday, September 6, 2014

Because my creativity has left....

You know things in my world are not on an even keel when it's been almost 2 full months since I posted anything on the blog, 3 full days since I last posted on twitter (where I spend a majority of my time) and a few weeks since I posted anything on facebook that wasn't a share for my sister's Mary Kay business venture. Life hasn't been good or bad... it's just been and muddling through left no room for much of anything else. I imagine a touch of depression may have had something to do with it too.

So I'm borrowing a set of prompts somewhere on the internet (bad me for not remembering to remember where I found them) and today they will have to do.

Outside my window…. A parking lot. It's mostly empty because this is a slow time of year for the hotel business when the hotel is not near/on a beach. There are only a few cars in the parking lot. Beyond the lot, blue skies with a few puffy clouds and a cemetery. Earlier it looked as if it was going to storm and while it stay might, the sky has cleared up for now and it is gorgeous looking outside.

Giving thanks…. For being employed again. (That's a long story that I might relay one day that isn't today.) For having two children in school (one in his first semester of college and one in the 7th grade. They both seem to like their classes and while it's early, they seem to be doing really good. For having a husband who is amazing in so many ways and still puts up with me after all these years.

I am thinking about…. Elizabeth's upcoming birthday (in only 4 days!) She's going to be 12 and she's feisty and independent and so very social and I can't believe it's been 12 years already. Time flies. I'm also thinking about how there are some changes I need to make (and some that I've already made)  and how I really need to carve out some "just me" time in these hectic days that I have going on.

In the craft area.... I have so many things I want to do and no defined time to actually do any of them. That's my fault, I know, and I'm hoping to fix that soon. I want to get back into cross stitching (maybe finally finish that one project that I've been avoiding forever) and I have some scribblings laying around the house on various pieces of paper. Elizabeth has been enjoying my darby smart boxes as much as I have. We made soap with Codi from one box. We made our own stamped jewelry from another box. Elizabeth and Aliyah made candy mustaches and lips from a different month's box. Elizabeth and her daddy made a bracelet from another box. I still have a clock and some wood burning material from two separate boxes to make and then unrelated to the darby smart boxes, I have some painting things gathered together to do sun catchers. Too many projects, not enough time. 

From the kitchen….  I've been cooking more since we decided to eat out less and so has everyone else so there are always leftovers in the fridge for those nights we decide we are just too tired to cook and for me to carry supper to work with me. I finally learned how to make homemade cornbread in the frying pan (it's something my mama used to do and I could never get the recipe right) and I have plans to try my hand at homemade bread.

I am creating…. new routines and recreating some friendships that I thought were long over. I like being wrong when it comes to that idea. 

I’m working on…. learning to take care of me while continuing to take care of everyone else. I'm learning organizational skills and attempting to learn some better time management because it seems like I'm always leaving something undone. I frequently think "there's not enough time for...." but I've come to realize that I have plenty of time; I just haven't been using it in the best way possible. I'm changing that.

I am reading… Save the Date by Jen Doll and Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King.

I am hearing…. an episode from Food Network's Chopped

One of my favorite things….. flowers. There are some beautiful ones blooming at the hotel and they never fail to bring a smile to my face.

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