Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Musings: odds & ends

Watching bits & pieces of the news while the rain pours out the window of the hotel would seem to be a recipe for a sad evening but instead, I am bright and happy today. I don't guarantee I will remain that way all week because I have one day off this week (that one day being tomorrow) and then I work the next 6 days straight but I have no complaints. Christmas is fast approaching and trucks are coming out of the shop and that will require payments so overtime is not a bad thing.

I left home early today because I needed to take some pants to the dry cleaners to have them pinned and hemmed and the woman who helped me was just so full of light that she made me smile. I got done early so I went to the library (never turn down a library trip!) and then I got myself a salad for supper since we didn't cook today. We are going to start cooking at lunch time so Chris and I can both take a plate to work with us.

There is a mosquito in here with me approximately the size of a helicopter (that's what it feels like when he lands and starts sucking out all of my blood!) He's quick because I have not yet been able to kill him although I have smacked myself about 9 times already. I think I am being laughed at by the mosquito at this point.

It's slow-ish in here this evening which is perfectly fine with me because the weekend was busy and this coming weekend is going to be busy so a little downtime doesn't hurt my feelings.

I finally ordered checks with our new address on them. We've only been moved for over a year... I think it's past time for the updated checks. The only reason I went ahead and ordered them now is because I only have 5 checks left. I tend to procrastinate. ;-)

I think I am going to spend the evening in between guests reading the book I picked up at the library today. It seems like a good thing to do.

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