Friday, November 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes # 17

Things are still rather up in the air about a variety of issues that I'm not currently free to discuss which has me censoring a lot of the things I am writing about/talking about/posting on various social media accounts. I'm hoping that it will be something that is resolved and that I can discuss in the next couple of weeks. I am working my way through the uncertainty by taking deep breaths and reminding myself that everything happens for a reason, even when I'm not clear on what the reason is or what is exactly happening.

You ever see something happening in someone else's life and knowing it is a train wreck waiting to happen but you can't say anything about it because a) it would be unappreciated, b) it's not technically any of your business and c) the person you would say something to about it is very very dear to you and hurting them is the last thing you want to do even though you know their situation is about to hurt them? Doing that now with my sister. I think my tongue has permanent tooth marks in it.

My mother's birthday is on Sunday. I wanted to throw her a party but she wouldn't let me. Instead, I'm going to invite them to dinner. I decided not to do any kind of a "surprise" thing because I don't want to accidentally scare her to death on her birthday. That wouldn't be good at all.

I have had several fascinating conversations over the past week with various people. I sometimes forget that people as a whole are fascinating. (It's easy to forget when people are being jerks.)  

I read the story of the New Jersey who successfully sued her parents to have them pay her college tuition. I have so many thoughts on that but the main one is this: I paid my own way through college by working and getting scholarships and financial aid. I would never be so entitled to assume that my parents "owed" me anything towards a college education. I really think it sets a bad precedent and I hope the appeal for the parents is successful. Because that young woman sounds like an entitled brat. 

My plan to not eat after 9pm is going really good much to my surprise. The only drawback is having to remind myself to eat dinner in the evening before 9 rolls around.

The holidays are approaching and I have done zero shopping for holiday meals or presents. I may need to start thinking about that here in the next day or two. I think Amazon is going to be friend this year because the thought of braving a bunch of people to shop gives me heart palpitations. Now if only my daughter would tell me what she would like for Christmas, I'd be all set.

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