Friday, November 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes # 18

I failed NaBloPoMo because life was insanely crazy Monday through Thursday of this week thanks to the property management system blowing itself up. It went down Sunday night around 1am and we didn't have access to it again until Wednesday at around 3pm. I spent all week working the desk old school and while that was actually fun albeit a bit stressful, I was not amused when we had to input 4 days worth of business into the system after it came back up. Susan & I, however, rocked it in 4 hours which is really good considering we were handling Wednesday's business as it happened at the same time. I really hope I never get this experience again. 

So blog entries didn't get written, I barely looked at Facebook and for most of that time didn't even tweet. My brain was tired ya'll, seriously. I went home at night and fell into the bed and slept. I think I took more than my share of advil during this past week.

Chris is on vacation until the end of the month. Big things are happening and I want to talk about it so bad that I can barely live with myself. It's not time yet though and so I keep zipping my lips. 

I found the prettiest tangerines at the store today and ended up buying half a dozen of them. Then I remembered that I probably shouldn't eat that many tangerines so I reluctantly hid them in the fridge and am rationing them to myself. It's rare to find good looking tangerines here and I only get them this time of year and I really want to eat.all.the.tangerines. 

I fell last night in the kitchen and today my entire body hurts. There's already something wrong with my spinal area and I'm sure this didn't help the situation any.

I am a quarter of the way through Gray Mountain by John Grisham and really loving it. It'll probably take me a few more days to finish it because I only read at work for some reason these days. He did a really good job with this book (as with all of his books.)

Next week is Thanksgiving and I'm not ready. Christmas is not too far off and will seem shorter since Thanksgiving is so late this year and I'm not ready for that either. Could someone slow down time for me just until I get all caught up?

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