Tuesday, November 4, 2014

election day & other things

I'm glad today is election day for no reason other than I am so sick of the advertisements. They are on the radio, the television, in the mail box. And none of them are pleasant. I really wish the money that all the candidates spend to get elected was put to a better use.

I went and cast my vote before going to work today. The campaign workers were all milling about just beyond the yellow caution tape that was put up with the sign that read: "No electioneering beyond this point." I really wonder why they bother to come out on the day of the vote because I would assume most people already know for whom they are voting before they approach the building. At least, I always know but then I do my homework and pay attention. The only thing that ever gets me is when there is a constitutional amendment on the ballot. No matter how much I study the proposed amendment, it's always worded in a way that makes me second guess for a minute whether I was going to vote for or against it. They really should word them better.

The time change is not being nice to me. I keep thinking it's later than it actually is in the evenings and I haven't managed to wake up and stay up before 11am yet. I was up for a few minutes this morning while Elizabeth was getting ready for school and she fussed at me for reminding her of the time. I had to laugh afterwards because she was absolutely correct and I should have just stayed in bed and let her do her thing.

She got her report card yesterday and minus a conversation that I need to have with her teacher about math, the report card was really good.

The news is on in the breakfast room at work and all they are talking about is the election. I'm sure that will be their subject matter all evening. I'm tempted to just go turn it off. I'd rather listen to silence than to the FOX news cohosts (which is where we HAVE to leave the tv.)

Yes, turning it off to save my sanity.

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