Monday, November 3, 2014

It was definitely a (Monday) morning

I woke up not feeling all that great; a combination of the cold front that is sweeping through and made it 29 degrees this morning (and we didn't have the heat on in our bedroom) and not sleeping well. I won't blame the not sleeping well on any one thing in particular because I've never really slept like most people do but last night was an endless night of tossing and turning and fragmented dreams so when I woke, it was as if I would have been better off to not sleep at all.

I decided to make coffee (not really much of a decision since I do this that someone hasn't already done it for me) and the crock pot that Chris filled last night before bed was sitting on the counter: cold and not bubbling. We have taken to making things in the crock pot overnight since we are both working 3 to 11 and then they are done in the early morning hours and we have plates to take for work. Last night, he filled the pot and turned it on and we both went to bed. This morning, I assumed that the pot was broken and I cried because hello? This crock pot is my lifesaver at times. I unplugged it and plugged it into another receptacle and flipped the switch all around and cried some more because even if I could, miraculously, make it come on the food in it was trash after having sat in there not cooking all night long. And then, I realized the plug I was frantically unplugging and replugging belonged to the toaster. The crock pot plug: sitting behind the pot, not plugged in at all.

The coffee pot beeped to signal it was done and I got out a cup and poured the coffee and realized that I didn't have a bit of sweetener in the house. And I cried again. (I have been overly emotional the past few days/weeks) So I through a couple of teaspoons of sugar in my coffee, something I have not done since 2007 and I drank it and the world did not stop spinning on its axis.

I sat down on the sofa with my sugar sweetened coffee and picked up my phone to scroll through facebook and the internet was sporadically working. The cable modem was working; all the necessary lights were up and lit. I re-set the router and was able to tinker on my phone for a few minutes before it stopped working again. I figured it was my phone because it acts wonky sometimes but Nick told me earlier that it's not working very well on any of the devices and he thinks we probably need to get a new wireless router. (The only reason I didn't cry at that was because I was at work and people were standing in front of me.) I had him do a hard reset and he said it didn't help so I'm thinking that he is probably correct and I just need to go buy one soon.

My day really hasn't gotten any better. I'm holding onto the fact that I have one more day of work after tonight and then I'll have a day off, that tomorrow is election day so there will be no more negative ads on the tv or the radio, and the day after is the 5th of November. I intend to watch V for Vendetta (only fitting I think) and do nothing much more than carry Nick to school and cook a meal.

I really need a break.

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