Monday, November 10, 2014

Randomness is all I'm capable of right now.

A sign on one of the churches I pass on my way to work reads:

Those who are thankful
for little
Enjoy much.

I have read it every day for the past week and I think they left out a word. Either that or the meaning of the sign is deeper than I have to capacity to extrapolate.

I took Dylan home today before work. He's been at our house since Thursday evening. He wanted to go home yesterday but he & Nick slept until after I left for work and I guess his parents couldn't be bothered to make the 45 minute drive to get him. More likely, he didn't ask them to come get him knowing that I would take him home before I went to work.

Chris cooked last night and so I have a dinner plate for tonight. A pork chop, some macaroni and cheese and field peas. I offered to let him have the plate to carry to work with him tonight but he refused and I didn't offer a second time. I was being nice and would have let him have it if he had said yes but I'm no fool and that man can cook so I have yumminess to fill my stomach with tonight. (Also, apparantly "yumminess" is not a real word.)

I have a day off tomorrow and Elizabeth is out of school for Veteran's Day so I plan to spend the day with her, cleaning and baking and being silly. We do a good job of being silly.

I stopped by the library today to return some books and made the mistake of going inside since I still had 45 minutes before I had to be at work and I left with 6 new books. I don't have the capacity to go to the library very often and NOT check out books. On the rare occasion that I go and don't get anything, I'm always really surprised. I put a couple of books on hold too and probably won't get them until next year (seriously) because I'm like #59 for one book and #82 for the other. 

I very rarely watch television even though it is on at work all the time. Last night, I turned it to CBS where I thought the football game was being played and then got enthralled in an episode of Madam Secretary. Now I want to check to see if I can find it streaming somewhere because it was really good and I'd like to see the previous episodes.

Right now though, I seriously want a nap. I can't have one but it sounds really good.

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