Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's difficult to believe....

Another year is winding down. This year has been a lot of things: difficult, wonderful, scary, pleasant, heart wrenching. There really aren't words to describe, adequately, all the things this year has been.

The highlights: I quit my job, took 4 months off and then went back to my job. It was really the best decision I could have made because honestly? I love this job and I'm good at it and the people I meet intrigue me and I keep doing and learning and it's good.

Chris quit his job of 12 years to take another position  and he's really liking it.

We started a business of sorts and that's a bit scary but we are learning as we go and so it's good.

My mother joined Facebook which is just completely weird in a variety of ways that I can't even put into words. I thought she never would but she surprised us all and did. This next year should be interesting to say the least. If she ever joins twitter, where I spend the majority of my social media time, I will be shuttering all of my accounts and going into hiding.

The lowlights: Several people who are dear to me are having health situations. Several others passed away all in December. December was a bad month for losing people and my heart is a bit bruised with it all.

I am hoping that 2015 will be better on both a personal and professional level. I have plans (as always!) and can't wait to be able to implement some of them and share some others.

I am waffling over my word for 2015. I've never picked one before but suddenly, I'm all about wanting/needing/desiring/must have a word. I'll do the eenie meenie minie moe thing in the morning and then post which word won. ;-)

In the meantime, I have pizza to order for a little girl's sleepover that is being held at my house tonight while we watch the ball drop in Times Square (just before I crash and sleep for 12 hours.)

Enjoy the last few hours of 2014 and I'll see you next year. (So cliche... but also true.)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

GIST - The Sunday Edition # 97

Things I am grateful for today

1. Christmas is over. I love the holidays; I truly do. I also breathe a sigh of relief when it is all said and done and things can get back to something that resembles normal.

2. Making some serious decisions for the upcoming year.

3. Elizabeth who never fails to both irritate the life out of me and make me laugh hysterically.

4. Chris. For a whole variety of reasons.

5. flowers for no reason other than "just because". 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

GIST - The Christmas Edition

Things I am grateful for today

1. Sunshine. It has rained for the past few days and just been dreary so the sun shining brightly outside the window at work is a balm to my sensitive soul.

2. A short work shift today that will allow me to leave at 6 and be able to spend the evening with my children eating chicken enchiladas and maybe watching a movie while the Christmas lights twinkle in the background.

3. Chris, Nick and Elizabeth.

4. A good book to read

5. Having enough. (This could be a post all to itself and maybe I'll make it one later in the week.)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

GIST - The Sunday Edition # 96

Things I am grateful for today

1. coffee

2. snuggles from Hijinx the wonder kitten

3. Elizabeth is starting to feel better after several days of sick that had her missing the last 3 days of school before winter break.

4. Medicine because whatever she caught, I now seem to have.

5. a thoughtful co-worker. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

GIST - The Sunday Edition # 95

Things I am grateful for today

1. I got to spend some time with my mama on Friday.

2. Over the past several days a lot of people have complimented me about my hair (of all things). I guess I did a good job with it when I did it over Thanksgiving weekend.

3. My schedule for this coming week is not overwhelming on the work front. My schedule away from work, however, is insane and I am hoping to be able to get most of it accomplished the first part of the week.

4. My truck is fixed. Chris replaced the rear brakes and the other wheel bearing today. I just have to save money to get a new set of tires now and it should be good to go for a minute or two.

5. It's a slow night tonight and while I wish it was busier, it has given me time to do some stuff that I normally have to rush to do while I am here.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

GIST - The Sunday Edition # 94

Things I am grateful for today

1. It was a busy week and I had lots to keep me occupied. Between work and taking care of the house and stuff, I didn't really have much down time.

2. Japanese food for the first time in months on Saturday.

3. A weekend off. My first in months. I can't complain because I make the schedule so I could have taken some weekends off prior to this; I just haven't. It has been nice to have the time off to relax and not have a schedule to keep.

4. Chris started a new job on Monday. It's been both wonderful and bit anxiety inducing in the lead up to his accepting and then starting this job. I can actually take a full breath now that it is all a done deal.

5. Hijinx the wonder kitten.

GIST - The Sunday Edition # 175

It's been awhile since I have done one of these although my offline gratitude practice remains on point. In no particular order, here ar...