Friday, January 30, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 20

I still haven't saved the template with the new logo on it yet. I'm notoriously bad for remembering until I actually open up the blog and then it's not on the device that I am using to write the entry. Maybe the next time....

The new medicine the doctor prescribed for me was wonderful for the first two days and then on the third day, I got a sour stomach. And on day four, I projectile vomited upon waking up and it was as horrendous as you might imagine. I fell asleep on the couch after cleaning me and everything else up and then went to work for 8 hours that were among some of the most miserable hours of my life.

Thursday and today were my days off for the week. I felt weak on Thursday and while I feel better today, I'm seriously thinking that maybe I shouldn't give the medicine another try because while they say the side effects usually diminish within a month, I can not go a month feeling like I felt from Tuesday until Thursday evening. It's not even possible. Work makes it partially impossible and wanting to have a productive life rounds out the reason.

Did I mention I hadn't felt that bad in a really long time? I did, huh?

I have to work for the next 8 days in a row before my day off. I'm really going to have to engage in a conversation with the woman who makes the schedule. (Says the woman who makes the schedule.) I did it on purpose sort of because I wanted Sunday and Monday off next week and that was the only way to schedule it for myself.

I got a lot done today. Elizabeth went to my sister's house for the night and tomorrow, she and Codi will spend the night at our house. I love those little girls. They are my favorite little ladies.

Hoping for a wonderful weekend and a good next week. I'm doing everything I can to make it that way.

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