Friday, February 13, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 22

7 quick takes

Watching Elizabeth get ready for homecoming tonight was a bittersweet experience. She looked absolutely gorgeous n her dress. I'll post pictures next week. 

She went with her friend Aliyah. We picked Aliyah up and took her home afterwards and Aliyah looked gorgeous as well. They amused me when I picked them up from the dance as they were both complaining of their feet hurting. (Both of them were wearing silver sparkly heels and I had to bite my tongue to keep from giggling about the complaints.)

I don't get to talk to my sister as much as I would like anymore. I think she is busy and not really having much to say since she and Kelly got back together and that makes me sad. Not that she got back with Kelly but that we don't get the chance to talk anymore.

It's a proven fact that I can only rarely go into a library without getting a book. My trip to return some books a couple of days ago ended up with me bringing home several more. It's a sickness (but one that I'm glad to have.)

I really need to get more organized but it seems like every time I start to do that something happens and I end up giving up. Maybe I'll make that my project for March.

Work is going good. We have been really busy. All of this bad weather everywhere north and west of us makes for busy hotel nights. Most of the people seem to be heading to Florida which is funny to me because right now, it's cold in Florida too.

I've lost almost 7 pounds and have no idea how exactly I did it. I think it's a fluke. Time will tell I suppose. On that note, it's time to find a small snack and the bed.

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