Friday, February 20, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 23

This has not been that great of a week. I keep reminding myself that other people have it so much worse and I shouldn't complain but what follows is me complaining. Ignore it if you want.

I had to pick up Beth from school on Monday because she wasn't feeling good. Then on Tuesday, there was no school because of the weather. On Wednesday, there was a 2 hour delay but Elizabeth didn't go because she was still feeling miserable. A 2 hour delay on Thursday (a day they should have cancelled because the roads were in horrible condition) and Elizabeth also didn't go because the medicine I bought her in combination with a nap she took on Wednesday kept her up half of Wednesday night. Today, she went. They were on a normal schedule for the first time since Monday. It's been a week.

We lost power for almost 12 hours and I'm not complaining about it a bit because my parents lost it for more than 24 hours and some people were without it for a few days. I am continuously amazed by the line crews who go out in all kinds of weather and work to get the power restored to communities. They are amazing.

Speaking of line crews, the hotel was full all week thanks to the weather and a block of rooms reserved by Duke Energy for crews coming in from all over the country to help with the outages along the east coast. Most of those guys are young but they were all amazingly polite and even though you know they had to be cold and exhausted after working all day, still took the time to ask me how my day was going and offered to bring me something to eat from the restaurant across the street. People can be wonderful sometimes.

I don't watch a  lot of television and I have never, not once, seen an episode of Scandal but I absolutely live for Luvvie's Scandal recaps. They are the highlight of my Fridays when she has them posted.

The Oscars are this weekend and I could care less. I've never really been a fan of the awards shows but I'm particularly not impressed with this year's nominees and the fact that Selma was left out of the Best Picture category. I won't be watching (although I will admit that I will be looking for the best/worst dressed list on Monday and looking at the dresses.) 

My house is a complete disaster right now but my heart is happy so I'm not going to stress over it. I will have plenty of time to clean later this week. Chris will help me (because most of the stuff piled up is his where he decided he needed to organize his cabinets.)

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