Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The truck didn't leak.

The windshield has been replaced in the other truck.

Chris and I have decided to start carpooling to work. We are, at least, going to attempt it. We both work pretty much the same hours and he doesn't have a set schedule so he can clock in and out whenever he gets in and then when I come to pick him up. As long as he works at least 8 hours, they don't care. He goes to work then I drive myself to work and when I leave work tonight, I'll stop and pick him up. If it works out and we don't get annoyed with one another, it will save us money in gas and wear and tear on a vehicle and give us a little more time together.

Tonight is a slow night. I don't know if the weather up in the northern part of the country has anything to do with it or not but people aren't really moving about right now. I may try to finish my book in between guests.

I am really looking forward to Friday afternoon and helping Elizabeth get ready for her dance. I'm almost as excited about it as she is.

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