Friday, March 6, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 25

This  work week is over. Blessedly. It has been busy and while I like busy, this week has been insane.

I don't think we have any major plans for this weekend and I could not be happier about that. I need a day or so where I don't have to go.go.go.

I am trying to finalize our plans for our anniversary weekend but I'm having a bit of trouble because Brittany had a job interview and she might be leaving before the end of the month which means that I will end up working instead. 

I want to do some more cooking because I really don't like eating out much but I need some recipes that are able to be slow cooked so it can be cooked overnight and be ready when we leave for work in the afternoons.

Carpooling with Chris has turned out to be a great thing. I really enjoy not having to drive home by myself in the evenings and I love spending that extra time with him during the drive to and from.

Looking forward to the time change (after I get over the lost hour of sleep.) I like there being more light in the evening particularly when I have a day off. It feels like there is more time in the day.

Time to update my blog reading list. I have some people on there who haven't posted in forever. Time to make room for some new reads I think.

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