Monday, March 9, 2015

it will get better

I know the laggy feeling I have going on is because of an interruption of normal schedule and the time changing and I can not wait until I feel like my normal self again. I slept too long today and we left a little later than usual for work. We weren't late; I got to work 30 minutes early still even after stopping by the library to put a book in the book drop but it felt like we were rushing.

It's been slow tonight. I am always surprised at how the hours of busy time shift at work once the time changes. People will drive longer (and further) because it's still light out and they can see and they want to get closer to wherever they intend to be. That has made for a slowish evening tonight but it's okay because last week was so busy I barely had time to breath. I'll take a slow day every now and then.

Progress reports came home today and Elizabeth told me what hers had on it because she'll be in bed by the time we get home. Her math and science grade are terrible but she didn't mention anything else being bad. I have no idea what to do about getting her to study more and do better in math and science. It's not that she can't do the work. It's that she's forgetful (will do homework but not turn it in, won't turn in her notebook for notebook check even though she's taken the notes the woman wanted taken) It's frustrating to me.

I redid direction sheets at work tonight because I did the last ones 3 years ago and while the directions hadn't changed any, I had new stuff I wanted to add. The new ones look really good.

Dinner tonight at work was chicken enchiladas that I made last night and I think they were better tonight than they were last night.

Chris is messaging me and making me laugh with the emoticons he is sending me. He's not feeling good and the faces are hilarious.

I've got to get some stuff done. One thing I don't have to do when I get home tonight is put away laundry. I managed to conquer that mountain yesterday.

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