Saturday, March 14, 2015

Something on Saturday

Quick observations from the front desk:

1. People who are only staying one night always bring in more luggage than people who are here for weeks at a time.

2. People will try their hardest to sneak their pets into a non pet friendly hotel. We have cameras all the way around building and at all the doors. We usually catch them but that doesn't stop them from trying.

3. Asking me where the side door is when it is more convenient for you to come through the lobby is a sure way to make me turn around and start watching the camera to see what you are attempting to bring in that you don't want me to see.

4. Yes, I do know what exit we are on. That's one of the dumbest questions people ask. One day, I'm going to say "no sir/ma'am, they change them every day after I come to work."

5. My personal pet peeve: "Is there any room at the Inn?" (When the parking lot is empty.)

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