Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This should be a Wordless Wednesday...

...but I have words. I have so many words and none of them are pretty or nice or anything remotely of the sort.

Text message from today to Chris from Kerri. Basic gist of it was this: I know I said your 2 years was coming up at the end of June and ya'll needed to move then but I need you to be out by the 15th of April which is 30 days from the date that I called you to tell you your 2 years was up in June because I have someone that is going to move into the house.

What in the ever loving &^%$? I am so upset with her at the moment because she told us when we moved in, it would be for 2 years and we were even going to get a paper notarized so that this couldn't happen but Chris and I chose to trust that she was a woman of God who would keep her word (because she's always talking about being a woman of God) and then this happens.

So now we are in crisis, must find a place asap mode because oh hey, the 15th of April is in 20 days. I am so not amused right now.

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