Friday, May 1, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 33

There are 5 Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in this month. I read somewhere that months like this have a special name but now can't recall what the name was or where I read it.

I have finally weeded through the stack of magazines that I had sitting in the basket. My new goal is to read each issue as it comes in instead of letting it pile up and then attempting to read 9 months worth at one time.

I have 3 subscriptions. US Weekly (don't judge... it's my guilty pleasure and I got a 3 year subscription at Christmas for $9.99), Time and Family Circle. I used to get several other magazines but a few of them stopped putting out issues (look at you, Ladies Home Journal) and the other couple just became clutter. 

Chris subscribes to a couple of hunting magazines that he is interested in and he's happy. I'm happy that he's reading something besides the back of shampoo bottles and he gets to read about something that interests him.

I am trying to decide how I want to do things for summer vacation which seems so far away but really isn't. I have a feeling Elizabeth will attempt to drive me insane before it's over.

Here's a curious question brought about by my going to the drink machine just now: Why does Diet Mountain Dew have 10 calories per bottle but Diet Pepsi has 0?

I really need to get a hobby. One that is relaxing and fulfilling and otherwise going to be useful. 

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