Friday, May 22, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 35

If I had my way everyone would get along. I know this seems like rainbow pipe dreams but seriously, all of this bickering is hurting my heart.

I am always somehow in the middle and I am trying to take a step back away from everyone and everything who is stressing me out.

Moving here was one of the better decisions we have made in the past few years. My commute is 5 minutes round trip. That gives me loads of time to actually do other stuff. Like cook and sleep.

The local cable company runs a psa every hour that announces the time and then follows it with "it's a perfect time to talk to your kids about (insert random thing like drinking, drugs etc here) 

It's almost pool season. I'm debating having a pool put in. I'm leaning towards no at this point. It's just another expense and there are so many other worthy things I could be using that money for.

Mr. A. calls almost every night I work and picks with me. He makes me smile on the regular.

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