Friday, May 29, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 36

I don't have words for all the shenanigans that are taking place in my family, I gave serious consideration of changing my phone number but realized that wouldn't actually work and I've had this number for years so I decided to hang on to it.

I see a light at the end of the tunnel for a situation that I have found myself entangled in. Here's hoping it comes soon.

The weather has been so beautiful here lately. We are almost at the point of needing a lot of rain but I have to admit that I have enjoyed the sunshine.

If you need something motivational to follow, look up #TeamVictor on Facebook. This young man is most amazing and there are many mornings that my morning coffee is accompanied by tears after I have read something that his mom or dad or twin brother has posted.

The end of school. Almost here. They have been doing testing and I think they have one more test to take and then it will be fun days until the end of school.

Fun days will ensue with Elizabeth begging me to let her stay home on the last day of school. You let Nick do that, she will say. And she will be right. But I haven't decided about her yet.

She's been teaching herself to cook and bake and she does a phenomenal job of it. I may give up my time in the kitchen altogether.

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