Thursday, May 7, 2015

Answer Me This # 5

Answer Me This

1. What is your favorite room in the house? My bedroom and the kitchen. My kitchen is lovely and I like to be in it cooking. My new bedroom is large and it's awesome and I have so much space; much more than I have ever had before.

2. Do you subscribe to any magazines or other periodicals? Time magazine, US Weekly, Family Circle. My Time subscription runs out in November and I won't be renewing. Ditto for the Family Circle. The US Weekly is a magazine I will get until 2017 because I bought a multi year subscription (guilty pleasure) I'm about done with magazines though because I tend to read almost everything online.

3. What is your least favorite sound? Anything with a screeching sound or scraping sound. It grates my nerves.

4. What was your favorite TV show growing up? MacGyver and the Ateam. Don't you dare laugh!

5. What is your favorite TV show now? Street racers, pretty much everything on the History channel and Chopped. (I don't watch much tv but when I do it's either Food network, History or Discovery)

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