Friday, June 5, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 37

You know how you want to reach out and shake someone when they are making a series of mistakes and you know they are making them and everyone knows they are making them but they don't realize it? You can't. You can't shake them. You can't talk sense into them. You can only let them make the series of mistakes that everyone else can see coming for 900 miles and hope the lesson they end up learning sticks and is powerful enough to keep them from making that mistake again.

The world is a crazy place and I have been trying to avoid the news for the most part but some things just can't be ignored.

I was supposed to have a decent schedule this month but then I was asked to work a day I wasn't scheduled and it threw my whole carefully scheduled days off into a tailspin. I make the schedule and make mine last after giving everyone everything they have asked for. I take the left over days so to speak. I'm not amused with the 8 day stretch I will be doing later this month. Not amused at all.

I have been somewhat quiet on Twitter which isn't like at me at all. I think I just need a bit of a break.

Work has been pretty good besides the whole "people being selfish about off days". The guests have been amazing and I have had several of them tell me they are so glad that it's me behind they desk when they arrive because they know "things will be correct and you will take care of us." That made me feel pretty good. It's also true.

There's a law fight brewing at the state level about magistrates who want to opt out of performing same sex marriages. This makes me tired. The governor vetoed the bill and said they are government officials and are sworn to uphold the law and the constitution but the Republican controlled Congress had promised to override his veto. This state is backwards in a lot of ways.

Hopefully next week, I will be cheerier. I'm doubting it but one can hope.

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