Friday, June 12, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 38

School is officially out for summer. Elizabeth is excited. I picked Codi up after I got off work tonight and she will be spending part of the summer with us. We are so glad to have her here.

I have a reading list that is approximately 50 books long. I'm thinking I may never get to the end of the list particularly since I keep adding things as I I'm trying to incorporate some non fiction into my reading list. I tend to like memoirs and works of fiction better than actual nonfiction.

My parents are frequent visitors at my house since we moved. I am very much enjoying this turn of events. Ironically, we see them more now and we live closer in 2 separate counties than we did in the same county.

I am so very much excited about summer break. I am hoping to be able to do a series of things with the girls that will take their summer from ordinary and boring to special.

We are in serious need of some rain. Not as serious as California obviously, but definitely serious. The corn is turning into wispy brown stalks with no corn of which to speak.

I am in a good mood today even though I had to work all evening. And my goodness it was busy. Busy is good however.

I don't really know how I want to evolve my space here. I could use suggestions.

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