Thursday, June 11, 2015

Answer Me This # 10

Answer Me This

1. How did you get your name? My grandfather came up with my name. My mother wanted to name me Elsie Yvonne and he told her not to "saddle" me with that name. He suggested Wanda Marie and my parents liked it and so here are we are today.

2. Do you have a set time for prayer in your day? I say a prayer of gratitude as I am getting out of bed. Often at various points throughout the day, I find myself praying. 

3. Did your mom work or stay home (or both)? Both. She stayed home for years and years. And then when I was 16, she went to work at MJ Soffee for awhile and then she and my dad started their own business.

4. Do you vote? Yes, I do vote.

5. What's your favorite drink? Coffee. And then more coffee. And then water.

6. How are your photography skills? They are... um... abysmal. Which sucks because I like to take pictures. 

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