Friday, July 10, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 42

This summer is flying by and I'm not really ready to face the fact that school starts back in just over a month.

I have been paying attention to the sales papers that have been coming with the newspaper because Beth is going to need a whole new wardrobe for school. Not only has she grown taller, but her old school was a uniform school and her new one isn't. We had tons of uniform things and very few basic tops/slacks/jeans/skirts.

Shoe shopping will also be on the agenda. I despise shoe shopping. Who am I kidding? I despise shopping in general but shoe shopping is always a battle.

Elizabeth has more fashion sense than I do (she probably has more in her pinkie finger than I have in my whole self so I rarely veto an item of clothing she wants unless it shows more skin than makes me comfortable for her 12 year old self or if there is some saying on that could be misconstrued.

I do, however, veto shoes right and left. Somehow sparkly heels don't seem appropriate for school and she has yet to learn that shoes which are pretty are usually really uncomfortable.

One thing I don't have to battle over is hair. She keeps her hair long and styles it herself and it always looks nice so I don't venture an opinion about it. 

As for picking my battles, I'm lucky that she's not overly defiant and she recognizes what looks good on her and what doesn't. It keeps my stress level in check. 
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