Friday, July 17, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 43

Codi went home. I was upset that I had to make her go but I needed a break. There was only so much I could handle.

I went to the doctor. I got new prescriptions. It will be next week before I can have them filled but I do have them.

Elizabeth came to work with me today and she did a good job. She worked 3 to 6 and Susan paid her for working. She was on the moon because she didn't think she was going to get paid. She just wanted to work with me for awhile.

I have Sunday off and I am hoping to go to church. Mama sent me a picture of the sign welcoming the new reverend. He's the preacher I heard preach a few Sundays ago and he's going to be their permanent preacher. They are all excited about this turn of events.

I finished 2 books last week and have started another. It's difficult to get any reading done when you are only reading at work. I really need to fix that dilemma.

We are sold out tonight which is a great thing for us. I think we will sell out again tomorrow too even though there aren't many reservations. Saturdays have a way of being busy despite what the numbers say.

Next week is pay week thank goodness because I really need to go grocery shopping. I'm going to be piecing meals together this next week. We've done more with less before so this won't be that big of an issue. It's just a week.

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