Monday, July 27, 2015

i'm too tired to be clever

I originally typed "cleaver" in the title because Freudian slip probably. My sister has annoyed me to the point that I want to slap her and block her number from calling/texting. I don't know why she is doing the things she's doing but she's smarter than that and it's annoying.

My work schedule over the next few weeks is going to be brutal. It will be even more so if Brittany gets the job she applied for at the medical center. I hope that she does because it will be good for her; the hours and location would be a bonus for her. The other part will hate to lose her because I like her and she does a good job.

I started taking the new medicine today and fortunately I haven't had any adverse side effects yet. I know it's early but some people reported bad side effects within a few hours of taking the medicine. So far, so good.

I've got to finish getting organized so I can actually accomplish things when I am not at work. I'm hoping to get some of it done this week before work and when I am off on Thursday.

This probably won't happen but one can hope.

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