Monday, July 20, 2015


I've been following the developing story of Sandra Bland with an interest. My newsfeeds are full of articles and commentary and all sorts of things. I've been paying attention to the narrative in this case and it infuriates me that the "news" media keeps bringing up a video post Ms. Bland did a few months ago where she mentioned being depressed and having PTSD after all the police brutality news over the past few months. For them to act as if that blog post from March is relevant to the events surrounding her death is ridiculous and I can see why people are so angry about it.

The "news" is basically criminalizing the victim and while I've seen it a lot when people like Eric Garner/Trayvon Martin/ insert hundreds of other names here, for some reason this one made me pay a bit more attention.

I hope the US Department of Justice will pay attention to the petition that has been circulating and will take over the investigation into her death. I know the Texas Rangers are investigating and the investigation is being overseen by the FBI but for some reason, this does not give me comfort or hope. Perhaps I have woke up. Whatever the reason for it, I intend to "stay woke."

May Ms. Bland's family find some peace. And some justice.

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