Friday, August 14, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 47

Despite my best efforts to avoid a problem, the words "please double check xx's room for tonight to ensure no problems" meant that nobody checked her room at all so there were issues and I am livid. I left a note. I left two notes. I asked when I arrived and was assured that all was well. So imagine my surprise when I get a phone call and there were problems. And yet, I managed to not lose my smile. I'm getting better at it.

Elizabeth is finally off of restriction. The last of her electronic belongings were returned to her and she is happy. She didn't get her daddy's old phone back that she was using to play games but she'll just have to get over herself about that.

My sister is currently going through some things (not my story to tell so I won't) but I'm afraid she's not really learning anything from everything she is going through. And that is frustrating. Also: sad My biggest concern is my niece. That's always been my biggest concern though.

I finished a book tonight. Despite it being busy, I only had a few chapters left and I managed to squeeze them in. I'm starting a new one tomorrow with the hopes of finishing it on Sunday when I am off work.

Elizabeth has a birthday coming up and I am trying to figure out something with which to surprise her, It is difficult for me to buy things for her because she has such varied tastes in things and gone are the days that she let me pick out her clothes. (With good reason though.) I'm awful at shopping for clothes.

I have lost my wounded warrior bracelet and this makes me sad. I've worn it every day for the past 2 years and the other day, when I arrived home from work, it was gone off of my wrist. I looked high and low for it but it seems to just be gone. :-(

I'm overworking myself and probably need a break. I have a day off Sunday and then I have next weekend off. That will have to be good enough for now.
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