Friday, August 21, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 48

I really think today is someone's birthday and I feel like I should remember exactly who but I can't. It's just this nagging feeling that I'm forgetting someone important. I don't like that feeling.

The summer is rapidly winding down in that school starts back in 4 days. The weather will continue to proclaim summer until well into October probably.

We have hired someone new at work and she is a doll. She's really really talkative which is good when it comes to the public but bad when it comes to grumpy people who like quiet. I think she's going to work out very well.

Chris took Elizabeth to her open house last night and now I owe him a favor forever because it was packed and it took a really long time. She's happy though because she met her homeroom teacher and got her schedule. It turns out that she and Josh are on the same team and in almost all the same classes.

I heard a rumor that Claire is going to be releasing the first installment of her novel soon and excited doesn't even begin to tell you how I am about this. I had the privilege of reading snippets along the way and I've been impatiently waiting for the whole thing. 

I requested the entire Boleyn series and I'm waiting for the last book to come (which is actually the first book in the series) so I can't start it yet. I'm impatient about that too.

This time next week school will have started back. Yay for the return of routines.

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