Monday, August 31, 2015


My sister texted me tonight to ask me if I would come get some of her stuff and keep it until they get a place to move into because her landlord has told them he is locking them out tomorrow. He formally evicted them 2 weeks ago  and their ten days was actually up on Sunday and she's still acting like this is someone's fault and not her own. I am beyond tired of the whole situation.

I texted Chris and asked him if he would go with me when I got off work and he said "surely." So I picked him up and we went over there and brought a truck load of stuff back to our house and sat it in the sunroom. That's all I can do. She's on her own for the rest.

Elizabeth is liking her classes so far and all of her teachers. She was raving about them the other day and it did my heart good to hear that because she's only ever done that with one other teacher/grade and that was 1st grade with Mr. Patterson. I am hoping this raving about the teachers will continue all year and it will be her best school year yet.

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