Friday, September 18, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 52

New babies make me happy and so my cousin's wife having their baby filled me a with a joy that can not be explained since it isn't my baby. I am beyond thrilled for them. It's their first baby (though hopefully not the last.)

Chris has been sick the past few days. He woke up sick yesterday morning I think it was and has been sick since and I keep telling him to not give it to me but I don't think I'm going to get that lucky.

Thanks to people quitting at work, I have to work the next bajillion* days (with the exception of my birthday which I managed to preserve) and I'm not amused. 

I do keep reminding myself though that the paycheck with these two weeks on it are going to be ah-mazing so I should stop my whining. And I listen to myself for about 55 seconds and then I get sad again about not having a day off. It's a vicious circle.

My sister has pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. She told Beth in a message that she was in the hospital but Cindy called the hospitals for me and they have no record of her being there. I will let that stand as it may. I'm disappointed in her, that's for sure.

We are on track to sell out for the first time this month. It's been pretty busy in here and we have a bus. September and October are the months for lots of buses.

I have a few chapters left to read in one of my books and then it's on to a new one. I think I've almost read more this month than I have read all year. I'm happy about this month but sad that I have let the reading taper off over the year. I love to read.

*bajillion is only a slight exaggeration. It's the next 13 of 14 days. Boo!

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