Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Just Write # 10

I still haven't cried for you. It's been over 9 months and while I think of you nearly every day, I still haven't shed the tears one would think would be shed over someone who meant as much to me as you meant.

I miss the sound of your voice, the way you could make me laugh sometimes, the wisdom of your words, the music you would send to me to tell me how you were feeling. I miss the way your voice in person was a bit lighter than how you sounded on the phone. I miss the emails that would impart some sparkling pearl of wisdom or a shared article or just something you found amusing.

I miss the random text messages, the phone calls, the shared laughter. I miss the arguments too, always over stupid things, but there was a passion there that allowed for the arguments and then the reconciliation.

I miss how you could defuse a temper with just a word. I miss how you would remind me when I was feeling like my best wasn't good enough that I was a good mother, I miss your spirited debates; I miss your intelligence.

But I still haven't cried. I don't think I actually ever will because I realize, for all my selfishness, you are in a much better place. Free of drama, of pain, of lies, of being torn in multiple directions.

For that reason alone, there are no tears.

This is Just Write, a free-writing exercise in which you sit down with no writing agenda, no pushing for a theme. Watch the details of your stories ignite their own meaning from within.

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