Monday, September 7, 2015

odds and ends

Last night the power went out to half the exit. I spent most of my night watching the wind howl and checking the status of when the power was going to be restored. We kept power but a lot of places didn't and there was no power at my house. The outage lasted about 4 hours and reminded me the importance of contingency reports and working flashlights. The contingency reports are an easy thing; the working flashlights, not so much. Add an item to my to-do list.

Tonight should be interesting because we have a small bus. Those are always fun and I say this without any trace of sarcasm whatsoever. The people are usually super friendly and some of them always end up playing cards or something in the breakfast room so it's not so quiet down here all night long. I much prefer busy and noise as long as I don't have to be the one doing ALL the talking.

I finished a book before work today and had a conversation with my daddy (which is unusual but was nice), He's not really a phone person but he called me today and then we talked for about 15 minutes before he ran out of his allotted word count for phone calls and passed the phone to my mama. I love that man tremendously.

It looks like rain outside. I'm hoping it's not a repeat of last night even though we desperately need the rain.

Going to go be productive.... ;-)

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