Friday, October 16, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 56

This has been the longest night. We had 3 buses this evening which means every single room in the hotel (minus 4 stayover rooms) was occupied by someone on a tour bus. No other guaranteed arrivals, no walk ins. You would think this would be a good thing (and it is) but it makes for a long, boring night when there is absolutely nothing to do other than answer the phone (which didn't ring all that much for a Friday night.)

I have taken a short break from the Dark Tower series. I have one book left to go but I've put it on hold until after I get a chance to finish Me Before You and Purity.

I am picking Codi up after I get off work tonight and letting her spend the weekend with us. I'll have to take her home before I go to work on Sunday because my sister has no transportation. I figure it will do Codi some good to be somewhere other than Phyllis's house and at least, she'll have Elizabeth for company.

Mr. John came and got the chair today at work to re-cover it. That means I have stood up continuously for the past 8 hours. I don't mind but I will be seriously amused to see Walter's face this evening when he gets to work and realizes the chair is gone.

The FFA group Elizabeth is part of placed third in the county land judging competition. This means they will get to go to the state tournament. The state tournament takes place in November and she is beyond excited about it. (I had to look up land judging to figure out what it was which proves that my 8th grader is more intelligent that me.)

The weather is supposed to turn cooler over the next few days. I am really looking forward to some cooler weather and for my oak tree to start changing colors.

Here's hoping that in the course of the next week, my mood shifts because it's been pretty bad in the last few weeks.

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