Friday, October 23, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 57

Still to be decided: Whether or not to allow our daughter to go on an overnight FFA field trip. She's still undecided as to if she wants to go and I'm still undecided as to if I will let her go. They are going to be well-chaperoned and I have complete faith in her and her ability to act like she has sense; it's the rest of the population not involved in the trip that worries me.

Nick is keeping the car and I am keeping the truck. Now to just get both of them in top condition....

I am still wading through a book that I've been trying to get through for a few days now. It's really good but it's also a bit emotionally disturbing so I have to read for a few days and then put it down and then start again in a day or so. I'm too involved now though to just sit it down for good and not pick it back up.

By the time it's actually time to vote for a president, we are all going to be sick of hearing about every single candidate there is in the field. They really shouldn't be allowed to start campaigning so early.

I have become a fan of podcasts (after not listening to any for a really long time) and I am in need of some new suggestions.

It's been a busy night at work (which is a good thing)

I'm really hoping my mood improves soon because being me right now is not a fun thing.

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