Friday, October 30, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 58

On Tuesday, I went to Dunn to the scrap yard. They are not nearly as busy as they used to be and the place looks almost deserted. April was there and I was completely surprised by her changed appearance. She has lost a lot of weight but she has the same quick smile and lit up eyes. It was fun to see her and Jason for a few minutes.

Chris took me to dinner Tuesday night because I was having a bad evening and I had the night off. We went to Applebees because it was one of the few things open when we decided to go out (what gives, Fayetteville? People like to eat after 10pm too.) We both agreed that while the food was good, it's not really on our list of places to visit again because it wasn't our kind of place.

Wednesday night was our 2nd date night of the week and we went to... Gander Mountain. That's what we did the for the first part because Chris was looking for something specific. I walked around the store enough (looking lost apparently)that I drew the attention of 2 sales people and security. Seeing as how I had nowhere on me to hide any merchandise, I will assume they were merely curious as to why I was doing laps around the store. The answer was that I was getting my steps in while waiting on my significant other to spend all of our money in their store. At which point they kindly left me alone.

He took me to Shogun Japanese Steakhouse (a place I had never been) and we sat at the hibachi grill and watched the chef throw knives and stuff around while cooking our food. It was really quite an experience and I had a good time.

On our way home Wednesday night, we had a series of serious conversations. They were productive and outlined some things we both hope to get accomplished in the next couple of years. I love this man tremendously and I like that we are on the same page a lot of the time. 

It's supposed to start raining on Sunday and rain all the way into next Thursday. Ask me who isn't amused about this situation? (That would be me.)

I'm still wading my way through the book. I think I may actually finish it before the end of the year. (That's a joke. I'll finish it in the next few days.)

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