Friday, October 2, 2015

Quick Takes # 54

Tomorrow is Chris's 38th birthday. All of my quick takes are going to be about the guy that I have spent more than half of my life with (and he has spent over half of his life with me because he's slightly younger than me which is something he never ever lets me forget.) 

He doesn't like to have his picture taken which is why he never appears in a picture here. I think over the past 22 years, we've only ever taken a handful of pictures together which is why I cherish them so much and keep them put up in a safe place. Every so often I can sneak a picture of him but he usually catches me and does something like turn his head or cover his face. 

He's an amazing husband and father and I'm not just saying that because he's MY husband and our children's father. He really and truly is an amazing man. I watch him interact with other people and just marvel sometimes. He likes to act like he's not a people person but I don't think he's ever met a stranger and I can't go anywhere that someone doesn't know him. This used to irritate me but not anymore.

His favorite activities are hunting and fishing. The woods or the lake/stream/river/ocean are where you can normally find him if he's not working or at the house. This also used to irritate me (I'm very contrary apparently) but I have come to learn, over the years, that he's a more patient him when he's had time to decompress doing something he absolutely loves.

There is no one I would rather have in my corner than this man. He challenges me to be my best self; he lifts me up when I am down and he listens to the answers when he asks questions. He's constantly encouraging me when I mention something I want to do/try/see/be/achieve. I know that's how it's supposed to be but so often it's not for a lot of people and he does an amazing job of being there.

He doesn't make me feel guilty when he wants to go out somewhere and I want to stay home in my pajamas. Because he doesn't make me feel guilty, I usually end up going wherever it is that he was wanting to go and I always enjoy myself which would make you think I'd stop resisting so hard each and every time but being introverted with an extroverted husband is hard.

I can be myself with him. Good, bad, indifferent and he doesn't give me grief. With the exception of being older than him of course. I love this man with all of my heart.

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