Friday, November 6, 2015

7 Quick Takes # 59

Total word count for NaNoWriMo at this precise time: 9,805 (I decided to scrap my current WIP and just keep going with the hopes that it will turn how I need it to and also recognizing that first drafts are not meant to be perfect and it can be edited in December.)

The amount of rain we have received and are forecasted to receive over the next little while is borderline obnoxious. My back yard is a soggy mess and I don't foresee that changing any time soon.

The fall colors have officially arrived and are as gorgeous as can be. Not gorgeous: the amount of leaves and pine needles that are currently falling off the trees and that will need to be raked in the very near future.

I am almost finished with Lisa Belkin's Show Me A Hero. I know the miniseries came out on HBO just recently but I wanted to read the book before viewing the show and I am glad I decided to read the book first. The book is fascinating and I have been enjoying it tremendously.

The ability to borrow books from a library in any part of the state is one of the things I currently love about my local library. That's how I got Mrs. Belkin's book and also, how I acquired a copy of Jen Hatmaker's book which my local library seems to have the inability to carry.

I still have a gift card to the book store downtown and no, I don't even know who I am that I haven't gone and spent it yet. Normally, I would have been at the bookstore the very next day but I have had this gift for almost a month now and have yet to make it downtown. I like to think I am saving it so when I go to my Christmas shopping, I can use it on a gift for myself. 

I have finally found the set of grown up dishes I would like to purchase. (Now watch them be discontinued before I can manage to save the money to buy the set.)

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