Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Just Write # 18

This every weekend thing is starting to wear me down. This weekend was actually a 4 day weekend because there was no school Monday or Tuesday. I think if I didn't have to deal with my sister when I picked Codi up things would be better but every single week it's another litany of pleas for something and I'm just tired.

Chris doesn't have a problem with having Codi over every weekend and Codi and Elizabeth enjoy themselves plus ask me all week long if the weekend visit is going to happen and I want Codi to have a sense of some normalcy so I'll continue to pick her up for the weekend visits and just steel myself to ignore the whinings of the "adults."

I had today off work so we took her home after about 3 because I knew it was supposed to rain and it's dark around 6 now and I didn't want to have to drive in the dark, in the rain.

One day, this too will be better. I know this. It's just hard to convince myself of it right now.

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