Monday, November 23, 2015

My brain is protesting....

I've spent the last few hours alternating between working and dissecting bits of code and now my brain and my eyes are protesting. I've read the same bits of code so many times now that I'll probably inadvertently dream in code tonight.

There are only a few days until Thanksgiving and I am completely unprepared for the holiday. I'll pull it together in the next couple of days but right now, procrastination city.

I have all of my mama's recipes copied that were in her recipe box. I think it's time to transfer them to index cards and also time to try my hand at some of her creations that I remember from childhood. Not in the recipe box but firmly etched in my brain is the recipe for the bbq pork chops that I loved so much. For years, when I would ask for the recipe, she would simply laugh and change the subject. Not too long ago (about the same time I asked to borrow her recipe box) she finally gave me the recipe. For the record, I know how to make bbq pork chops; it was the sauce that she used as a gravy that always gave me fits until I finally just gave up on it.

I'm looking forward to being off work and decorating for Christmas on Friday. Thanksgiving will be over so Elizabeth won't attempt to murder me in my sleep for ruining a perfectly good holiday.

Time to immerse myself in bits of code again. My eyeballs are grateful for the small reprieve.

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