Monday, January 25, 2016

cooking, cleaning and all sorts of domestic things

Tomorrow is my last day off before I go back to work and I am spending it with my parents. We are going to Selma to my grandma's house to explore. They asked me to go up with them and I said ok before I even knew where we were actually going. That might be a definition of crazy.

I have spent my time doing things I don't normally get a chance to do. Cleaning various things that normally get neglected, cleaning out closets and attics and sun rooms. Thinning down the amount of "stuff" I have collected all over the house. I am much pleased with the progress I managed to make.

I cooked almost every night. Survived the icy/snowy weather trapped in my house with my entire family and cleaned my kitchen approximately nine thousand times.

Things I haven't done: a lot of stressing or a lot of reading. The lack of reading is ironic because you would have thought with nine days off in a row, I would have managed to read a lot. I spent time doing all the other things instead.

I am definitely ready to go back to work. I love time off but I also love my job. I think that makes me incredibly lucky.

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