Monday, February 1, 2016

Goal recap

January goals

wear makeup to work each day I am on the schedule (I did this every single day I had to go to work and all but one of the Sundays that I went to church.)

add some color into my wardrobe aside from the black I always wear on my days off (This was a resounding success. I also have several new dresses for church that are in all the colors and not just black.)

set up a budget book (I got a start on this. It's not completed but it's a good ways along.)

organize my filing cabinet (This was successfully accomplished on my vacation.)

write in my beside journal at least 4 days a week (Um.... not once.)

read at least 5 books this month (I read 11.)

go to church at least 2 Sundays (There were 5 Sundays this month and I made it to church on 4 of them.)

do something different with my hair (I dyed it pink and have never gotten so many compliments before. Everyone has loved it.)

practice gratitude (every day!)

exercise at least 4 days a week (Does thinking about exercise count? NO... Ok. I managed a couple of days every week and 4 days one week. I'll need to do better.)

February goals

Finish organizing my budget book.

Write in my bedside journal at least once a week.


Read 5 books this month.

Start the process to return to school to finish my degree.

do a cross stitch project

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